David Oakley

David Oakley First Aid Trainer

I have been a Trainer for the last 15 years in the Worthing and Sussex area, teaching in local collages and local clubs and organisations. I have also been invited to give keynote speeches for business networking groups and the Women’s Institute (WI) 

My passion is working with adults and children through the martial arts and fitness training and at the same time making sure that the environment is as safe as possible.

Having an expertise in First Aid and risk assessment over my last 15 years has enabled me to never have had a child injured under my supervision. I consider myself highly skilled in keeping a very safe training environment and should the unforeseen accident occur have the tools and expertise to deal with it including using AED units.

My mission now is to pass on my knowledge of First Aid, CPR and safe practices to businesses, clubs organisations and parents. Training staff and members of social activity groups and parents is something I feel very strongly about and want to pass on my knowledge to as many adults and children who want to learn.

First Aid and Safety training is not a luxury skillset it’s an essential skillset!


David Oakley




Level 3 Teaching in local education and authorities such as local government and NHS.

Level 3 Trainer in First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid

Level 3 Trainer in Paediatric and children’s First Aid

Level 3 Trainer in Safeguarding

Level 3 Trainer in conflict management

Level 3 Trainer in Physical Intervention

CPD Training in Personal Safety Awareness

CPD Training in Situational Awareness

CPD Training in Knives and Edged Weapon Awareness