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First Aid & Safety Training Solutions: Leading the Way in Conflict Management, Breakaway and Self-Defense

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In today’s fast-paced world, where safety and situational awareness are essential for both frontline and remote community workforces, having a reliable partner for conflict management and self-defence training is crucial. First Aid & Safety Training Solutions (FASTS), a premier training provider led by one of the UK’s foremost experts in the field, David Oakley. With a reputation for excellence and a wealth of experience, David and his team are dedicated to enhancing safety, saving organizations money, and fostering cooperative work environments.

David, a leading self-defense instructor and conflict management specialist in the UK, brings over fifteen years of extensive experience in the security industry to the table. His background is as diverse as it is impressive. From managing security in high-stakes environments, like one of the UK’s largest casinos, to handling challenging situations in mental health settings, David has seen it all. This real-world experience is the foundation of his training approach, ensuring that participants learn practical and effective techniques for managing conflicts.

David’s qualifications as a fully certified conflict management and physical intervention trainer set him apart in the industry. His expertise is not just theoretical but deeply rooted in practical application. Having trained hundreds of individuals to handle real-life conflict situations, David’s sessions are rich with insights and strategies that can only be garnered from firsthand experience.

Tailored Training for Diverse Needs

At First Aid & Safety Training Solutions, our training programs are designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors. David and his team work closely with local education authorities, public sector organizations, and privately-owned businesses to deliver bespoke training solutions. Whether it’s one-to-one sessions or group training, the focus is always on providing practical, actionable skills that enhance safety and efficiency.

By partnering with First Aid & Safety Training Solutions, organizations can expect a significant return on investment. Effective conflict management training reduces the risk of workplace incidents, leading to fewer sick days and lower staff turnover. This not only saves money but also creates a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Why Choose First Aid & Safety Training Solutions?

Expertise and Experience: With David at the helm, participants benefit from his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in conflict management and self-defence.

Customized Programs: Training sessions are tailored to address the specific challenges faced by different sectors, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Proven Results: The training provided by First Aid & Safety Training Solutions has a track record of improving workplace safety, reducing costs, and enhancing cooperation among employees.

Comprehensive Approach: From theoretical understanding to practical application, the training covers all aspects of conflict management and physical intervention.

In an era where safety and efficiency are critical to success, First Aid & Safety Training Solutions stands out as a leader in conflict management and self-defence training. Under the expert guidance of David, organizations can equip their employees with the skills needed to handle conflicts effectively, ensuring a safer and more productive workplace. Whether you’re part of the public sector, an educational institution, or a private business, partnering with First Aid & Safety Training Solutions is a step towards a safer, more efficient future.

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Our Conflict Management training services

We provide a range of first aid, conflict management, and physical intervention training including breakaway designed to keep your employees safe while at work. All our training courses can be delivered at your own place of business, or we can provide courses at a suitable training location. All our first aid courses are approved and comply with HSE requirements.

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